BPS Advantage

Single Point Responsibility

Currently, none of the companies provide full range of services to its clients, and the clients spend a large proportion of their time and effort in coordination and in moving the project from one stage to the next. BPS offers comprehensive and full range of services, beginning with project inception, design, planning to implementation thereby allowing the clients the liberty to focus on their core business while the infrastructure needs necessary for their business is professionally managed by BPS.

Our principles behind the successful delivery of on-time projects embrace the following fundamental aspects:

  • Providing expert advice from day one
  • Setting clear objectives and a well defined scope
  • Supplying crucial resources where and when required
  • Using a structured process for managing risk
  • The tight control of budgets
  • Management of communications and supply chain relationships
  • Deliver the project completed, on time, on budget as originally intended
  • Performance measurement through key performance indicators

Quality of Services

One of the key advantages we have is the experience of our team and the quality assurance systems and control programs that we have developed and implemented in numerous projects over the years. We will implement these systems for all projects undertaken which allows us to focus on the standards to be achieved and provide a basis for measuring performance.

Professional Network

Knowledge of the market place is a key ingredient for any business as it determines the ability of the company to respond to the changing needs as well as effectively meet the needs of its customers. BPS has an intimate knowledge of Bhutan’s construction sector as well as a large network, both within the public and private sector, and is therefore well placed to service the needs of its clients.

Established Supply Chains

Over the years, we have been engaged in material procurement function for our projects and have cultivated a large network of suppliers and specialist companies. We believe in fostering strategic partnerships and building long term relationships as a way to better manage our supply chains. This will not only assure us the best possible price but will also guarantee the quality of materials that are used in our works thereby taking an important first-step towards assuring quality standards for our clients.

Use of Information Technology in Construction

The use of IT in construction sector remains marginal globally. Bhutan is no exception to this and its use is limited to the design phase and has not percolated down the industry to implementation.

BPS is perhaps the only company that uses “Construction Manager” software for project implementation, which was developed by the promoter during his tenure with the Ministry of Education. BPS therefore not only has the most comprehensive construction database in the country but can continuously learn from its experience.