Careers & Development

It is our belief that a company is only as good as its people, and investments in human resources are critical for the success of the company. This means the ability of the company to attract good people in the first place and to be able to retain them in the long run will determine the success of the company.

Our business is growing and diversifying so our requirement of manpower is increasing. It is our intention to recruit the best person in each position and we encourage Graduate engineers to join us as trainee. Irrespective of area of expertise, we provide training/learning opportunities that will help our employees to develop further as we have the core strength within the organization in terms of our experienced staff as well as systems that are in place to manage this successfully.

Benefits & Rewards

In addition to competitive salaries and decent working conditions, it is our long term policy to offer company shares to dedicated and competent staff members to retain critical skills and to ensure that our employees also grow with us.